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Successful Treatment For Gout By Lowering Uric Acid Levels

Lower Uric Acid To Treat Gout Successfully

Researching a completely different diet than you are currently used to eating can be enlightening, especially if your body depends on a change in dietary habits. Many gout sufferers don’t realize just how much a diet full of foods and drinks rich with what’s called “purines” affects their gouty condition in a major way. In fact, it is the number one contributor to those god awful, horrible, nightmarish symptoms that come around every so often. The symptoms of gout can become apparent when too much beer is consumed or too much beef, pork, and shellfish are eaten, or a combination of both for example. There are many other foods, drinks, and food/drink combinations that can be consumed to bring on those nasty feverish flare ups, all containing what’s known as purines.

It goes deep. Even though the substances known as purines occur naturally within our bodies, it is when they are added to that the propensity for gout is enabled. You see, when gout sufferers add purines in excess to their bodies, it’s easier for uric acid to be produced as a result of having that many more purines in the mix. Uric acid then becomes higher in the blood because the kidneys in gout sufferers can no longer break down and excrete the uric acid build up properly. Their kidneys aren’t functioning as optimally as they once did. It has everything to do with genetics and what you are prone to as a gout sufferer.

So, when uric acid levels in the body become excessive and the kidneys no longer have the effective ability to purge uric acid from the body, it ends up turning into what’s known as urate, the off shoot of uric acid after it crystallizes. These urate crystals or uric acid crystals then become lodged in your joints, most noticeably and commonly the big toe joints of your foot. They accumulate and mince through your joint tissue like millions of sharp little razor blades making for periodic pain every so often leading up to a severe gout assault. That’s when the immune response happens as your body tries to purge the uric acid crystals from your affected joints, leading to all that horrible debilitating pain and agony, not to mention the fiery pressurized inflammation that makes it so hard to walk. It feels like you’ve been standing for hours and you finally sat down to take a break and when you lift your foot up off the floor or ground, it feels tender and super hot!

By lowering uric acid levels in your body, you can stave off a gout attack for much longer periods of time. They can become farther and few in between. Cutting down on the sugar drinks and the animal protein sources and the alcoholic beverages can help you to keep gout attacks at bay. This is already widely known by many gout sufferers that foods rich in the substances known as purines are the reason for feverish flare ups. They just may not know all of the different types of foods they may be consuming that are triggering off these attacks and so they must be made aware to this.

Turmeric Gout Treatment Herb

But what about the uric acid crystallization that has already formed in your joints? By lowering uric acid levels in your body, it won’t help you to metabolize or dissolve it. How do you get rid of it? There are herbs that are good at doing this if you desire to got the natural alternative route to prescription meds. Things like yucca root, milk thistle, turmeric, devils claw, and garlic for example. Once you find a gout treatment on the natural side, you’ll be able to answer the question “is there anything available that can dissolve and excrete sharp urate crystals, so that gout symptoms aren’t a recurring nightmare” when anyone asks you!

Gout Symptoms In The Big Toe

The other morning, early morning, I woke up with a painful tightness in my right big toe joint. I couldn’t understand why I just knew that it was in pain. It felt a lot like a sprain but I couldn’t remember spraining it at any point during the day before or any other recent time for that matter. I tried going back to sleep and managed to after laying there trying to position my legs and feet in a way to where they wouldn’t touch. I like to sleep on my sides and on my back but the blankets were too much for my toe. Not even the sheets could be supported by my toe! It was tough getting back to sleep but I managed.

I woke up a couple hours later and in more pain. I was confused by this point because I couldn’t pin point what the reasoning behind the tremendous pain was all about. I took some aspirin but that didn’t do much for it. I took a hot shower thinking that maybe the warm water might somehow make the pain go away. Then I iced it for a while and that numbed the pain, but that only brought the swelling down partially and temporarily as it became swollen again rather quickly after icing it.

I was scratching my head trying to figure out what was wrong with my foot. I’m not one to run to the doctor right away for just any little thing. The whole time I was trying to back track the previous days events to try and pin point the accident that might have happened, that I was obviously unaware of. I was weight training and other stuff but as I was trying to recall the events of my workout, I couldn’t seem to remember dropping any weights on my foot let alone my toe. This was bizarre.

By the end of the day that day, I had finally decided I was going to go see the doctor about it. I didn’t have any insurance coverage so I went down to the local health clinic and checked in. I thought some more about it as I sat in the waiting room to be called on. I was absolutely dumbfounded. I was like, “what am I going to tell the doctor when they ask me what I’m here for? They called my name.

So, I’m sitting there in the patient room waiting for the doctor. I don’t know why it is but I always seem to get butterflies in my stomsach when it comes to the doctor. Anyway, the doctor comes in and does the usual… hello, my name is doctor so and so, what are you in here for today, what’s going on, etc. I tell him all about it. He takes a look at my foot and I proceed to tell him about my confusion as to it being a sprain and such, and then he says, “oh, it looks like you have gout.”

I was like, “what is gout?” He proceeded to tell me that it’s a condition brought on by uric acid levels in your body that are high and that certain foods cause it. It’s like he’s speaking a foreign language to me. He went on to tell me that he was going to prescribe some medication for me and I was like, “yeah yeah, but why is it so painful and why does it feel like I broke it or sprained it or something?? I can’t even walk on the damn thing cause it feels like I might come crashing down because of the jolting pain. He says to me, “that’s just what happens to the joint tissue in the affected joint when the uric acid crystals are coming out. I was intrigued and thought to myself that I would start researching the whole subject immediately after I left!

The course of prescribed medication didn’t end up working as well as I thought it would, because it ended up coming back shortly thereafter. Through my research about the medicine I was taking, I had found out that it was harmful to my liver and kidneys. That’s when I went to work searching for an alternative treatment on the natural side. I found something awesome and began taking it as directed. Inside of like 2 weeks, I was gout pain free again and continued to take the natural gout treatment for routine maintenance and it was the best thing believe me. There were no side effects whatsoever, it knocked out my gout symptoms in a way were it would be hard to experience another gout attack ever again.

Along the way through my researching of the topic, I found out a lot about what causes gout and found that our diets, as well as genetics play a substantial role in why we suffer from gout. From sugars, to yeast in beer, to animal protein and shellfish, to being overweight and dehydrated. I was now armed with a whole lot more knowledge and information that would help me stave off future gout attacks!

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